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How Does SeatFillers Free Membership Work?

How Does SeatFillers Free Membership Work?

There is nothing worse than a quiet opening night in a theatre. Or ANY quiet night, for that matter.

Enter: ‘Theatre Papering’, the secret leading lady, lurking below the surface in theatreland. 🤫

‘Papering’ is a technique that theatre producers use to fill empty seats, create atmosphere and reduce embarrassment from poor ticket sales.

The term comes from ‘papering over the cracks’ of a theatre auditorium, so that audiences leave feeling like a show was a raving success, even though the finances may show otherwise. 🎟️

Theatre can be an expensive night out, but it doesn’t have to be. Join the ranks of ‘papered’ audiences and you can grab tickets for new, developing and established shows for as little as… FREE.

At SeatFillers, we connect slow-selling productions with eager audiences for a win/win arrangement. You get free tickets and they get to boost audiences.

Good deal?

As a free member, we’ll alert you when free tickets for the kind of shows you love come available in your area and you can grab them.

No catch!

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Frequently Asked

Theatre papering is a term that refers to theatre shows secretly handing out free tickets to fill empty seats in an auditorium.

It helps both the performers, the producers ego and the audience have a better time when there are few (or no) empty seats. If a performance is going to go ahead, it might as well have a good audience.

We want to make theatre accessible and reward you for taking a chance and trying new productions that might not have a reputation yet. This is a win/win. You get to see great theatre, the producers get audiences and we get to grow our following and sell advertising to producers later.

We’re providing free tickets for plays, musicals, dance, amateur dramatics, stand up comedy, cabaret/variety and many more.

There is no obligation to remain a member of Seat Fillers UK. If you decide you no longer want to receive the offer of free tickets, you can cancel your account at any time.

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